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Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Note the video to the right on the Bible
and the historical facts and evidence proving the resurrection "Beyond a reasonable
doubt" led by trial lawyer Craig Parton. Tell us what you think!

Follow our friend and guest, singer and composer Pastor Dave Horn on his
website and check out his music.

JC Play Zone is a fun and safe website designed for young children. Give it a try. 

Daily Bible devotion designed for you for today. Read and/or listen. Start each day in
God's Word. 

Lutheran Witness offers monthly articles that relate God's Word to daily life in our culture.

God's Yellow Pages may help you find a Bible verse to meet your need. 

Visit our Trusted Bookstore at at for sound Biblical resources for every need.

Let's Grow Together!

Trinity is thankful to be a member church of The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

Trinity Lutheran Church
  and Trinity Lutheran Preschool

Growing Families and Friends of Jesus Christ in the North Cascades
Our mission is trusting friendships that
  draw people to Jesus Christ, 
  nurture them in His Word, and
  send them to courageously reach others.

Who really is Jesus, anyway? View this online introduction ....
You can trust Him. Christ will lead you with His Word where He is faithfully confessed and His gifts are delivered to you!

Join us as we discover God's life blessings and grow together! Click Connect for opportunities to invest in God's Kingdom and touch others.  Make every moment together count! God has Great News for you .... Let's take a look together!
301 South 18th Street, Mount Vernon, Wa. 98274
Church Office 360-428-0290, Preschool 360-421-0800
More than just a building ... where friends are grown!
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Welcome Home! Home is where you belong, where your Heavenly Father created you to be, with Him, and with family. We invite you to receive God's blessings that come in Jesus Christ, through His Word and Sacraments, every week.

Check out the calendar below or links to the left for more .... Please note that beginning in September Trinity's weekly Sunday worship service is at 10:30 am with Bible study fellowships at 9:30 am for youth and adults (click "Worship" to the left for more details). Nursery care is provided. Join us!

We are praying for you and looking for you!

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