Follow Christ. Bring Others. 

We're networking with other believers to fulfill Christ's great commission in our own homes, among our friends and neighbors as well as with other believers to reach every person on earth. Dream big. Pray big. Work together. 

Resources for All Team Members:

Read Through the Bible Chart

Funeral Guidelines (Word Document) 

Trinity 101 Workbook - Introducing Christ (10 page Word Document)
Trinity 201 Book - Growing in Christ (88 page Word Document)
201 Cover  (1 page Word Document)

Baptism Form (1 page Word Document)

Personal Mission Evaluation How are we doing in our mission? 

Facility Use Forms (.pdf document)

Church Constitution

Weekly worship planning files (Outline of this week's service and Powerpoint File)

Resources for Team Leaders:

Team (Small Group) Helps: 
Guidelines for Team Facilitators
Team (Small Group) Dynamics
Guidelines for Home Hosts

Budget 2015 (.pdf doc)
Budget 2014 (.pdf doc)
Budget 2013 (.xls spreadsheet)
Budget 2012 (.tif file) ok reading this? 
Budget 2011 (.pdf doc)
Budget 2010 (.xls spreadsheet)
Budget 2009 (.pdf docs)
Budget 2008
Budget 2007

Voucher for TLC expense (form for Authorization for Payment Voucher) 

Other Items we may want to include on this page or site:

Church Council Minutes

Ministry Goals

eNewsletter, perhaps revised, without personal phone numbers

What else would be helpful for you? Let us know! Thanks! 

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