Welcome to Trinity Lutheran Church!

We are a Lutheran congregation with a strong commitment to education, discipleship, fellowship and ministering to those in need, both locally and world-wide through our various missions. We operate in full adherence to the traditional, Bibilical Lutheran teachings and values promoted by the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod and shared by thirty-five other world church bodies. All who hunger for the Word of the Lord take refuge here.

To learn more about the historic Lutheran confession of Jesus Christ you are welcome to also visit lcms.org.

To find out more in person, our

Basic Christianity Course (BCC)
is offered twice a year.

What you will learn:

How can the Bible be God’s Word if men wrote it?
Who is Jesus Christ?
How do we know there is a God?
Who goes to heaven and who goes to hell?
How did the universe get here?
Why is there evil in the world?
Does God answer my prayers?
Why are there so many different churches?
And more!

Basic Course in Christianity The Basic Course in Christianity (BCC) is a safe, non-threatening environment to learn about the meaning and importance of Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Christian Church. Questions are encouraged, and there is no obligation to join Trinity Lutheran Church. We promise a beneficial learning experience!

Pastor Kevin Schubkegel teaches the class. He has served in full-time
ministry for more than twenty-six years and has been the pastor at Trinity
Lutheran Church for sixteen years.

It is a ten week class, provided as a service to our community at no cost.
Materials and refreshments are provided. Childcare is available upon request.
To Register: Call our church office: (360) 428-0290 or email office@tlcmv.com.